IPWatch™ is a full-service management consulting and Intellectual Property support services organization. We work exclusively in the Intellectual Property field. We provide professionals with the resources, knowledge, tools, expertise and support they need to manage and grow a professional organization's work with intellectual property. Our clients are law firms, in house counsel, financial organizations, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and government.

We provide our clients with reliable, high-quality, cost-effective solutions and systems for creating, managing, preserving, financing, commercially developing, prosecuting, litigating, and protecting Intellectual Property. We work globally and nationally. We operate from locations in the Eastern United States, Western United States, and Europe.

Our team of professionals have spent their careers managing intangible assets. Our professionals understand and have held senior positions in global law firms, regional law firms, public companies, private companies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and government.

We know the business of Intellectual Property. We invite you to explore our myriad services detailed in this website, or contact us directly. We are here to serve you and your clients.


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